The Beginning:
Tim has been doing handyman work since growing up in a rural community in Kansas. Being one of 9 children with 6 boys, his Dad taught him how to build and fix everything. Having a large family in a small community, Tim's dad had many businesses to make ends meet. Tim's dad relied on the boys to keep things running. Both of Tim's parents were college graduates and all 9 of the Hund children earned bachelor as well as some master degrees. Tim graduated from Wichita State University with a degree in Journalism. Tim finished his education working as a trim carpenter and painting contractor. After years in home improvement and home restoration, kitchen cabinets and a mix of many other trades, Tim later became a roofing contractor. This background gave Tim a unique combination of experience and skills to give him the ability to fix or build almost anything. Tim has spent the last 30 years in Huntington Beach and Long Beach. The above picture is 25yrs old. Derek now has a family and lives in Huntington Beach.
If you need a plumber, understand that Roto Rooter, Ad Dee Do, Jack Stephan, Mike Diamond, and the like have a marketing strategy of up-selling and maximizing your service with no intention of repeat business or referral. In other words, they want to take advantage of your problem and move on to the next victim. Tim's Handyman Service will treat you honestly, with a fair price. They will finish the jobs that those companies leave hanging. Jack Stephan does not do water damage repair, drywall repair or painting, yet many jobs require cutting open drywall in order to get to the problem. If you use those so-called professionals, you will need Tim to finish the job. So why not get the best value from the beginning? There is no plumbing repair that Tim can't handle. Including opening drains, re-pipe, shower valve bodies, faucet repair, hot water heater installation and tank-less HWH installation.
Electricians are very expensive. They have specialized equipment and are worth the money...unless a good handyman can do the same job for less. Even if you hire the electrician, you will still have to get a drywall guy and a painter to finish the work. Tim's Handyman Service will save you money and complete the job, including drywall work as well as texture and paint. You can save on new outlets inside or outside. He can install ceiling fans, recessed lighting, outdoor decorative lighting, replace circuit breakers, troubleshoot electrical problems, and the like. Why not get the best quality lowest price done all at once?
Tim Hund was a roofing contractor for eight years. He can find leaks, and repair those leaks for a fraction of the cost of replacement. If you don't need a new roof, Tim can show you how he performs a roof restoration on your existing roof and saves you money. Small flat roof replacement using torch-down is Tim's specialty.
If your fence or gates can't be restored, Tim is an expert on building gates for your front fence entrance or the entrance to your garage driveway. He removes old cement post hole foundations and installs everlasting pressure treated posts and covers them with cedar, redwood or vinyl fencing. Tim will fit your home's decor as well as fit your budget.
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